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Central Depository Services Limited (“CDSL”) was found in 1999 to fulfil one goal: Convenient, Dependable and secured depository services. Over two decades later, everything we have done – the values we have built on, dematerialisation of various asset classes, e-services – have all been in support of that singular goal, at an affordable cost.

We are a Market Infrastructure Institution (MII) and a crucial part of the Capital market structure, providing services to all Market participants - Exchanges, Clearing Corporations, Depository Participants (DPs), Issuers and Investors.

A Depository is a facilitator for holding of securities in the dematerialised form and an enabler for securities transactions.

  • 6.85 Crore

    Investor Accounts

  • 585

    Depository Participants

  • 584,765 Mn

    Number of Securities in Demat Custody

  • 3,38,41,071 Mn

    Value of Securities in Demat Custody

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“easi” (electronic access to securities information), an internet based facility, allows BOs to monitor their CDSL Demat account at a place and time of their choosing. easi also provides details of corporate announcements for ISINs held in their account as well as 25 additional ISINs.

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“easiest” (electronic access to securities information & execution of secure transactions), an internet based facility, allows BOs to submit debit instructions through the internet, thus obviating the need of visiting their DP offices to submit instruction slips.

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SMS alert facility SMART(SMS Alerts Related to Transactions) enables BOs registered for this facility to receive SMS alerts in case of any debits or credits related to corporate actions or any change in demographic details in their accounts.

“e-Voting” is an internet based system ()through which shareholders can login and register their votes on company resolutions. The system processes and records votes automatically, which facilitates faster processing of voting results.

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M-Voting is a mobile application for e-Voting. The mobile app can be downloaded by shareholders on their android and iOS based mobile devices.

Myeasi Mobile App for BOs registered for easi or easiest. Myeasi Mobile App is designed with adaptive technology such that its fits in all Smartphones/tab screen size. Investors can log-in to the App using their easi/easiest log-in credentials. CDSL’s Myeasi app can be downloaded by Android and iOS based mobile devices.

Myeasi App is now available on

e-Locker is an online document storage facility to store important documents in electronic form at one central secure location. This facility is available for easi/easiest users.

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Our Landscape

As part of CDSL’s commitment to supporting transparency in the financial sector, this page provides a comprehensive suite of information on the due diligence regulations applied to our services, operational set-up, processes and procedures.

1. D&P Regulations
2. CDSL Bye-Laws

Recent years have yielded significant advances in computing and communication technologies, with profound impacts on society. Technology is transforming the way we work, operate, and interact with others.

The financial services industry has always been in the forefront of adopting technology earlier than most other industries. Moreover, being a highly regulated industry, it is also imperative that compliance and risk management areas are addressed in the process of technology adoption. Our organizations are faced with tremendous business challenges including constantly changing business dynamics, regulatory changes, risk and compliance matters as well as cost pressures. With financial information at the core of our systems, it is imperative to safeguard and protect the data of our financial intermediary partners and end customers by adopting best practices in information security. The core depository application has been built and been continuously enhanced and enriched adopting new technologies as and when they are available and are relevant to the platform. Introducing new products, features and functionality into the system is a continuous process wherein products / services enhancements, customer convenience, revenue earnings potential, cost savings potential and regulatory policies decide the priorities of such enhancements being taken up for implementation.

a. Software

CDSL has deployed its core depository system based on a centralised architecture due to which data is available to the user instantaneously and is current. CDSL has sourced software solution from the world's leading software solution provider. The system can be accessed over internet as well as intranet though secure channel after multi-factor user authentication at login-in.

b. Hardware

CDSL has deployed state-of-the-art server hardware, enterprise flash storages and highly resilient network infrastructure. These systems are highly scalable, reliable and robust. CDSL has been continuously undertaking capacity enhancement measures so as to effectively meet the requirements of increased users and increasing utilization of hardware resources as business volumes increase. The systems are deployed at best in class datacentre facilities.

c. Database Architecture

CDSL has gone in for a centralised database system. This architecture provides distinct advantages to the users wherein the initial set-up cost for Issuer Companies, their RTAs and Depository Participants is low compared to the decentralized set up in which local infrastructure, database licenses and trained systems manpower are required at the financial intermediary end. Since, database is managed centrally, strong security controls are in place. Taking backup of systems at intermediary end is not required. Information on investor's holdings is available to the Depository Participant and the Issuer or its RTA instantly.

d. Disaster Recovery Site (DRS)

From the business continuity angle, CDSL has in place, a robust system with multiple back-up levels including a redundant fail-over cluster and a DRS, located at a different seismic zone. Consequently, in the event of a disaster at the main site, users connected to the CDSL connectivity network viz. Depository Participants (DPs), Clearing Corporations and Registrar & Transfer Agents (RTAs) can electronically connect to the DRS for seamlessly carrying on day-to-day operations. The routine DR drill switchover to DRS and back is seamless and does not require any configuration changes at the user end.

e. Information Security

At CDSL we have implemented world class information security and cyber security practices to efficiently handle confidential and sensitive data. CDSL Information Security has designed comprehensive set of policies and has embraced design, implementation and maintenance of these policies, processes, standards and guidelines to manage risks to its information assets. We ensure that processes must remain effective and efficient and also adapt to changes that occur in the internal organization and external environment. The policies laid down by the regulator are strictly followed and audited annually by an independent auditor.

An effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) protects information throughout the life span, from its initial creation to its final disposal. All data and information is protected while it is in motion and at rest. CDSL has committed itself to highest level of information security practices and is committed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all its information, in any form whatsoever. Towards this end, CDSL has complied with ISO 27001 Standards and has been awarded the coveted ISO 27001 certificate by the leading certification body.

f. Business Continuity

CDSL is committed to ensure an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) as a mechanism to restore and deliver seamless services at an acceptable level, in the event of any disruption. CDSL is one of the few depository institutions in the world to be awarded ISO 22301 certification for Business Continuity Management Systems in June 2013. CDSL applies suitable methods to monitor the BCMS implemented within the organization. The organization continually strives to improve the effectiveness of its BCMS by adopting system control processes.

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