TRUST -TRansactions Using Secured Texting
TRUST (TRansactions Using Secured Texting)
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Introduction On TRUST (TRansactions Using Secured Texting)

The Indian capital market is amongst the most advanced markets in terms of regulation and infrastructure. Today, the depository system lies at the heart of the capital market and plays a vital role in the way an investor holds and transacts in securities. The depositories have been instrumental in facilitating reduction of settlement cycle to T+2 days.

Currently, Investors can hold their securities in a demat account with any Depository Participant (DP) and securities can be transferred instantaneously between any two accounts. Beneficial Owners (BOs) have the option to submit delivery instructions by way of Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) to the DP or through CDSL’s internet based facility ‘easiest’ or by providing limited purpose Power of Attorney (PoA) to the broker. Due to the short period of time available to submit delivery instructions in a T+2 settlements, many investors sign blank slips, which could result in misuse.

CDSL has, therefore, introduced TRUST -TRansactions Using Secured Texting as an alternative channel to submit delivery instructions, for trades done on a stock exchange. By using TRUST, BOs can send an SMS to confirm delivery instructions uploaded by the broker. Currently, TRUST can be enabled on any mobile phone with Android Operating System (OS).


  • In case of on-market trades, the BO’s broker uploads the delivery instruction in the CDSL system using his easiest login.
  • If the investor is using the SMS based TRUST application, a SMS is sent by CDSL to the BO, giving details of the instruction along with a request to confirm the same. This instruction is confirmed by the BO sending SMS using the TRUST application, after which the account of the BO is debited.
  • If the investor is using the GPRS based TRUST application, a SMS is sent by CDSL to the BO, giving details of the instruction along with a request to confirm the same. BOs can submit their Pay-in instructions by accessing the URL (, after which the account of the BO is debited.
  • Existing TRUST users may continue to use the TRUST facility either by using the SMS based or GPRS based application.
  • On giving confirmation through TRUST, BOs need not submit a physical DIS to their DP for market related transactions.
  • BOs may choose to submit POA or continue to have POA registered in addition to getting registered for TRUST.


  • BOs who wish to register for TRUST facility can register at the time of account opening or subsequently by submitting TRUST Registration Form to their DP.
  • Currently, TRUST through SMS is enabled only on mobile phones with Android OS. While TRUST through GPRS is enabled for mobile phones with Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry OS. The details of mobile devices with the applicable versions for TRUST are given below:

  • Mobile Device Trust through SMS based
    (Android application)
    1 Any Android mobile Version above 2.1 Mobile Device Trust Through GPRS
    1 Any Android mobile Any android mobile with data connection
    2 iPhone 4S and above With data connection support with data connection
    3 Windows Nokia Lumia With data connection support
    4 Blackberry Any version that support html browser with data Connection
  • The mobile number registered for SMS Alerts (SMART) and TRUST should be same.
  • BOs have to register their broker (in whose favour the BO would be delivering securities from his demat account) by providing broker name and Stock Exchange details at the time of TRUST registration or at any later date.


  • DPs may register their BOs for TRUST using BO module under SMS Registration.
  • After successful registration of a BO, an SMS will be sent to the BO on the registered mobile number requesting to download the TRUST Application on the mobile.
  • On receipt of positive confirmation from the BO through SMS, the TRUST registration process will be completed.
  • The BO will receive a final confirmation about the successful registration through an SMS.
  • In case of registration of broker by the BO for TRUST, an SMS will be sent to the BO.
  • The BO can, thereafter, use TRUST for giving confirmation of delivery instructions uploaded by his broker, for trades executed by the BO through the broker.

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