With CDSL,a Financial Institution, Mutual Fund and Foreign Financial Institution is empowered with instantaneous and well informed decision making capabilities.

Institutional Investors including mutual funds, financial institutions (FIs), foreign institutional investors (FIIs), pension funds, charitable trusts or societies, etc. are permitted to invest in all types of securities i.e. equity shares, debentures, bonds and commercial paper issued by companies as well as dated Government securities, certificate of deposits issued by banks and units of domestic mutual fund schemes, in the primary and secondary markets.

An institutional investor can acquire and hold securities in its name through a custodian. Custodians hold a range of assets on behalf of their customers and offer comprehensive services to both local and foreign investors including safekeeping, settlement, corporate actions administration, income collection and proxy. All leading custodians in India are currently registered as DPs of CDSL. These DPs offer a wide range of custody related securities services to all type of investors including institutional investors.