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e-Voting enables the shareholders to vote electronically
Procedure for e-Voting
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  • The Company intending to avail e-voting, has to sign a bi-partite or tri-partite agreement with Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) and or its Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA). To execute the Agreement, kindly print the agreement on a Stamp Paper or franked value of Rs. 600/- and send the same along with 2 photo copies (with original signatures of the company and R&T agent) to CDSL.
  • The Company, RTA & Scrutinizer will have to register themselves on CDSL’s e-Voting Website website and submit a print of the application form duly signed and stamped for CDSL approval. Companies already registered with CDSL should select the Company name from the dropdown menu when registering.
  • The Company and its Registrar and Transfer Agent [RTA] will setup the e-Voting schedule on the e-Voting website upload the resolutions on which voting is required and generate the Electronic Voting Sequence Number (EVSN). An EVSN will be unique for every postal ballot conducted. Once the EVSN is successfully generated an email would be sent to the Company / RTA and Scrutinizer email ids by CDSL.
  • While creating an EVSN the Company and its RTA will have to upload the following:

    a. The Register of Members

    b. Resolution/s

    c. Extract of Resolution/s

    d. Corporate Logo (Optional)

  • After all the activities listed above and the checker has been completed then the Company has to Activate the EVSN. Once the EVSN is activated an email would be sent to the Company / RTA and Scrutinizer email ids.
  • The company has to communicate the EVSN and the procedure for e-Voting to its shareholders.

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