Depository Participants
CDSL has a wide network of Depository Participants which make its convenient to open &operate the demat account
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CDSL's demat services are extended through its agents called Depository Participants (DP). The DP is the link between the investor and CDSL. An investor who opens a demat account with a DP can utilise the services offered by CDSL. While the DP processes the instructions of the investor , the account and records thereof is maintained with CDSL. A DP is thus a "Point of Service" for the investor.

CDSL's system is based on centralised database architecture with on-line connectivity with DPs. Because of this centralised architecture, the cost for setting up a DP outfit under CDSL system is significantly lower. Similarly, the recurring costs to be incurred by a CDSL-DP in terms of maintaining back-ups and the related data storage are minimal. This enables a CDSL-DP to offer depository services to investors at an attractive price and at the same time achieve break-even faster at much lower volumes. The centralised architecture also allows CDSL-DP to make available to the investors a to-the-minute status of their account and transactions.

CDSL-DPs can also set up branches with direct electronic connectivity with CDSL.

CDSL -DPs can also extend service to investors through their various service centers connected through their back office.

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