List of CDSL DP's

DP ID : 12100
Tel No: 022-28354000
Fax No : 022-28205533
Email ID : [email protected],[email protected]
About Us : About Us -Suresh Rathi Group has a track record of more than 41 years in Service to the investors. We are member of BSE, NSE. We are a Depository Participant of CDSL. One of the Group companies is NBFC.
Services : 1) BSE & NSE trading 2) Futures, Options & currency trading3) Depository Services4) Online Back office 5) Mutual Funds 6) IPO distribution 7) Internet trading8) Mobile Trading 9) Mobile Back Office, 10) Securities Lending, 11) API Based Trading
Tariffs :
Statutory Charges at the
time of Account Opening :
Advance / Deposit : NIL
Account Maintenance: Normal :1) First Financial Year AMC Free, 2) Rs.360/- p.a (Individual) & Rs.1000/-p.a (Corporate). In case of no transaction during financial year only Rs.100 AMC will be charged.3) LIFE TIME AMC : Rs.1500/- (Individual) and Rs.6000/- (Corporate)(Non-Refundable), Non Trading : Rs 500/- p.a (for Indivdual Account),Rs 2000/- p.a (for Corporate Account),BSDA :1) Value Upto 50,000 - Nil2) Value above 50,000 Upto 2 lacs - Rs 100/-3) Value above 200,000 -as per Regular demat a/c
Demat : Normal :Rs.5/- per certificate plus Rs.50/- per request - (Courier charges), Non Trading : Rs.10/- per Certificate plus, Rs.75/- per request courier charges, BSDA : Rs.10/- per Certificate plus, Rs.100/- per request courier charges.
Remat : Rs.100/- per request courier charges.
Transaction (Debit) : Normal: OnMkt 15 with Auto payin, Rs.20 without Auto payin, OffMkt-Rs 20 within SRSPL, Rs.50 to other DP & Inter DP, Lotus Scheme : Joining fee Rs 1000/- p.a. (non refundable) NIL per transaction (for Market transaction through SRSPL), BSDA: OnMkt Rs.30 with Auto payin, Rs.40 without Auto payin, Rs. 50/- OffMkt , Inter DP & Other Broker. Non Trading : Min Rs.50/- per transaction or 0.05% whichever is higher
Pledge Creation : Normal : Rs.25/- per transaction, Non Trading : Rs.100/- per transaction or 0.01% whichever is higher, BSDA : Rs.100/- per transaction or 0.01% whichever is higher. , Margin Pledge- NIL, Margin Unpledge Rs 15/-
Pledge Creation confirmation : Nil
Pledge Invocation : Nil
Failed instruction charges :
Other Charges : Normal :Rs.25 for DIS Booklet, Non Trading:Rs 50 a/c modifiction charges & Rs 50 DIS Booklet, BSDA : Rs 50a/c modification charges & Rs.75 DIS Booklet, Normal:Trans stmt will be sent once every month subject to a trxn having taken place or else once in a quarter Every extra stmt will be chrgd @15 per stmt Non Trading :Trans stmt will be sent once every month sub. to a trxn having taken place or else once in a quarter. Every extra stmt will be [email protected] per stmt BSDA:Elect stmt & two stmt free of cost during billing cycle Add phy stmt chrg @25

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