Electronic Access To Securities Information and Execution of Secured Transaction

The evolution of the Indian capital market has seen several enhancements during the past few years and this has been a result of innovative use of newer technologies. In the reduced settlement cycle era, investors require updated demat account information at a much faster pace than ever before.In other words, the quest for account status information has risen manifold.

In order to facilitate a CDSL demat account holder to easily adapt to the fast reducing settlement cycle, CDSL has introduced easiest , its Internet-enabled services to empower a demat account holder in managing his securities ‘anytime-anywhere’ in an efficient and convenient manner, all in a state-of-the-art secure environment.

easiest , which enables a BO/CM to enter debit/credit instructions on the Internet.

1. What is easiest?

CDSL’s internet based facility easiest (electronic access to securities information and execution of secured transactions) , permits CMs of BOs to submit off-market,on-market, inter-depository and early pay-in debit instructions from their demat account. Moreover, all the facilities and benefits of easi are automatically made available to a subscriber of easiest.

2. What are the different types of account transfers available on easiest?

There are two types of account transfers available on easiest:

  • Trusted account - Transfers : permits transfer of securities from a BO account to any 4 CDSL demat accounts of the BOs choice , which have been pre-notified by the BO.
  • Account of choice - Transfers: Permits transfer of securities from a BO account to any other demat account including the CM settlement accounts. All the on-market, off-market, early-payin and interdepository transactions are authenticated by means of a digital signature. The digital signature should be obtained from any of the RA (Registering Authority) of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). CDSL being one of the RAs of TCS also provides Digital Signature at a cost. CMs would be able to register for the account of choice option only for submitting transactions on easiest.
3. Why should I subscribe /register for the easiest?

easiest , not only provides all the benefits of easi, but also gives a BO/CM the convenience of executing debit/credit instructions from their demat account, over the internet, anytime anywhere.

4. Does a BO/CM still need to submit instruction slip(s) to the DP when executing transaction(s) on easiest?

No. A BO/CM who submits instruction(s) through easiest need not give any instruction slip(s) to their DP.

5. If I am registered for easi, can I register for easiest?

Yes, you can by selecting the option ‘Upgrade BO ID to easiest’, in your easi account login. However you may have to check with your DP if they have subscribed for the easiest facility.

6. Can a BO/CM submit multiple transactions through easiest?

Yes. The easiest upload facility enables a CM/BO to submit multiple transactions in a single file.

7. Who can avail of the upload facility?

All BOs or CMs who have opted for the account of choice login only, in easiest can avail of this facility. A BO or CM would have to approach their DP to have their upload rights activated.

8. Can I monitor corporate announcements for the shares in my demat account through my easiest login?

Yes, you can monitor corporate announcements for the securities held in your demat account through your easiest login. You can also add ISINs not held in your demat account, but wish to monitor corporate announcements for such ISINs.

9. How do I register for easi/easiest ?

There are two types of account transfers available on easiest:

  • Login to CDSL’s website www.cdslindia.com and click on the link “Register Online” from the homepage.
  • Select the facility (easi/easiest) you wish to register for.
  • Enter your details like Login–Id, Email-Id, etc.
  • Print the registration form.
  • Submit the registration form to your DP duly signed by all the account holders.
  • You will receive the password at your email-Id.
  • You can commence using easi/easiest by entering your ‘User name’ and ‘Password’ at the homepage of CDSL’s site www.cdslindia.com
10. Kindly click here for the application form and other documents required for availing the facility of easiest along with e-token for "Account of Choice"

Register now for easiest at www.cdslindia.com and experience the convenience of demat at your fingertips.

Page last updated on August 02, 2022    Dept:Operations