Trade Reports

No Data Is Available For Secondary Market.
ISIN Security Description Issue Size (In Cr.) Issue Date Face Value (Rs.) Issue Price (Rs.) Coupon Rate (%) Date of Maturity
INE756I07BC3 HDB FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED SR-A/1/103 7.76 NCD 26MY20 FVRS10LAC 200.000 26-APR-2017 10,00,000.00 26-MAY-2020
INE321N07244 KKR INDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED SR-2 NCD 10MR21 FVRS1CR 200.000 10-APR-2017 1,00,00,000.00 10-MAR-2021
INE849D08TW5 ICICI SECURITIES PRIMARY DEALERSHIP LTD SR-1 8.25 NCD 26AP27 FVRS10LAC 50.000 25-APR-2017 10,00,000.00 26-APR-2027
INE321N07236 KKR INDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED SR-1 NCD 10AP20 FVRS1CR 200.000 10-APR-2017 1,00,00,000.00 10-APR-2020
INE510K08014 SHILPI CABLE TECHNOLOGIES LTD SR-1-1080 13.05 NCD 12JU20 FVRS1LAC 10.800 10-MAR-2017 1,00,000.00 12-JUN-2020
INE562L07015 BSCPL GODHRA TOLLWAYS LIMITED SR-1 RR NCD 29MR36 FVRS1LAC 350.000 30-MAR-2017 1,00,000.00 29-MAR-2036
INE976I08235 TATA CAPITAL LIMITED SR-A 8.23 NCD 26AP19 FVRS10LAC 25.000 26-APR-2017 10,00,000.000 10,00,000.00 8.23 26-APR-2019
INE027E07428 L&T FINANCE LIMITED SR-B RR NCD 25OT18 FVRS25LAC 200.000 25-APR-2017 25,00,000.000 25,00,000.00 7.0700 25-OCT-2018
INE572O07190 ECAP EQUITIES LIMITED SR- D9D705A BR NCD 25JL19 FVRS1LAC 40.000 25-APR-2017 1,00,000.000 1,00,000.00 25-JUL-2019
INE148I07HP2 INDIABULLS HOUSING FINANCE LIMITED 8.37 LOA 25MR19 FVRS10LAC 225.000 25-APR-2017 10,00,000.00 25-MAR-2019
INE345W07020 RMZ INFRATECH PRIVATE LIMITED 9.5 LOA 24JL20 FVRS10LAC 550.000 24-APR-2017 10,00,000.00 24-JUL-2020
INE528W08037 GALE SOLARFARMS LIMITED 0.01 CCD 31MR21 FVRS1000 18.973 31-MAR-2017 1,000.00 31-MAR-2021
INE906B07FA4 NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTH OF INDIA#5.25% SEC NG TAXF NC RTD RED NCB 54EC CAP GAIN BD SR XVII PP-310320 5,000.000 31-MAR-2017 10,000.000 10,000.00 6.00 31-MAR-2020