Trade Reports

No Data Is Available For Secondary Market.
ISIN Security Description Issue Size (In Cr.) Issue Date Face Value (Rs.) Issue Price (Rs.) Coupon Rate (%) Date of Maturity
INE121A07OP2 CHOLAMANDALAM INVESTMENT AND FIN. CO. LTD SR-563 8.85 NCD 10MR21 PPRS10000 150.000 13-AUG-2018 10,000.00 10-MAR-2021
INE637O07118 SAIJA FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED 12.7227 NCD 30JL23 FVRS10LAC 10.000 30-JUL-2018 10,00,000.00 30-JUL-2023
INE157D07CZ4 CLIX CAPITAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED 10.27 LOA 08FB21 FVRS10LAC 200.000 08-AUG-2018 10,00,000.00 08-FEB-2021
INE121A07OQ0 CHOLAMANDALAM INVESTMENT AND FIN. CO. LTD SR-564 8.9765 NCD 10DC20 FVRS10LAC 200.000 13-AUG-2018 10,00,000.00 10-DEC-2020
INE121A07OO5 CHOLAMANDALAM INVESTMENT AND FIN. CO. LTD SR-562 8.85 NCD 10FB20 FVRS10LAC 260.000 13-AUG-2018 10,00,000.00 10-FEB-2020
INE414G07CT5 MUTHOOT FINANCE LIMITED SR-2-A 9.6 NCD 22JU20 FVRS10LAC 325.000 13-AUG-2018 10,00,000.000 10,00,000.00 9.60 22-JUN-2020
INE915D07H08 CITICORP FINANCE (INDIA) LIMITED SR-704 TR 1 8.1 NCD 07FB20 FVRS10LAC 100.000 09-AUG-2018 10,00,000.000 10,00,000.00 8.10 07-FEB-2020